ABC Liquor Tastings (Virginia)

Wine and Spirits Tastings

Although sales are our main focus, we ensure every Brand Ambassador that works a Virginia ABC Liquor shift is educated and well-versed on all state laws and regulations. Our Ambassadors are trained in the fine intricacies of every product.

Grocery Store Tastings

Grocery Store and Retail Demos

Sales are our number one focus! Our Brand Ambassadors are very knowledgeable and articulate about the products being promoted and make sure to interact with each and every consumer that enters the retail account.

Bar Promos & Special Events

On-Premise Events, Promotions, & Launches

Our Ambassadors are not just a pretty face, they interact through conversation, games, and trivia to provide customers with a memorable entertaining experience while also educating them on the products being promoted.

Experiential Marketing

Street Teams & Guerilla Marketing

These creative and unique marketing events are customized specifically to clients particular needs in order to effectively target and communicate with your market to promote the brand through face to face interaction with our enthusiastic yet professional Ambassadors.

Conventions & Trade Shows

Hosts, Hostesses, & Concierges

Hosts, Hostesses, & Concierges

The Beauté Agency provides additional professional staffing at an affordable rate. Our polished Ambassadors ensure a smooth running for every event. We are also able to provide talented bi-lingual Ambassadors to any multi-cultural conference or exposition.

Fashion Show Assistants

Fashion Assistants & Dressers

Fashion Assistants & Dressers

The Beauté Agency has 15 years of experience working with top fashion retailers and designers providing stylists, extra staff, and dressers to ensure the smooth execution of each fashion show. Our seasoned Ambassadors are detail oriented and efficient - ideal for the fast paced fashion industry.