Announcing Beauté Social

The Beauté Agency is moving to improve our Social Media Communications. 
If you’re reading this blog post, we hope that you have enjoyed participating in tastings/events with The Beauté Agency for some time now. We appreciate your support over the years and it is because of you we’ve earned the reputation of the “Best” Promotional Staffing Company in the DC metro.

Our Brand Ambassadors routinely tell us you want to be tuned in to Beauté’s activities.  We help you take the guesswork out of shopping for wine as resulting from your participation at our events. Recently, Beauté added a fun new dimension on how we can keep you informed on the exciting events happening over this upcoming year. Today Beauté is pleased to announce the evolution of the Beauté promotion - Beauté Social.  

 Our website ( has just been re launched as online social platform which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other micro blogs to help you stay informed  of upcoming tastings/events/promotions. We want  to interact with consumers and ultimately create buzz for our brands. Our website and social media platforms will be 24/7 destination for pictures/videos, brand information, upcoming events/tastings/promotions, Beauté exclusives, and forums for discussion. Our website will better serve you and our brands.

We would appreciate your help spreading the word on Beauté Social. Our website is now easily accessible on your smartphone or tablet.  We are looking for your input, so subscribe today to be a part of Exclusive Beauté Social Experience. We at Beauté are looking forward to seeing you at the next event/tasting/promotion in your area.     

  The Beauté Agency Events & Promotions are Expanding to Social Media. Subscribe to Join Us Online!