"In-Store" Demos by The Beauté Agency

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- Tastings & Product Demonstrations -

- Brand Ambassadors Educate on Brand Profiles-

- Trained in Virgina ABC Liquor Store Regulations -

The Beauté Agency conducts beer and wine tastings as well as product demonstrations in targeted, top-selling retail outlets.  Our ambassadors are also trained to conduct liquor tastings in Virginia ABC Liquor stores.  The Beauté Agency is respected as the top selling promotion agency in the region with a commitment to increasing our clients’ product sales and visibility.  Our Brand Ambassadors focus on selling our clients’ products by educating the consumer on the brand's taste profile.  Each and every Brand Ambassador understands and executes promotions in accordance with each states specific laws and regulations. Our in-store samplings may also include food pairings to enhance taste profiles and to capitalize on cross-marketing opportunities.

Beauté promoting wine at a Harris Teeter Grand Opening

Beauté conducting a dry tasting of Modelo Crown Imports
at Costco

Beauté conducting a tasting of Columbia Crest Grand Estates
at a Fresh Market

Beauté conducting a grand tasting Oktoberfest promotion at Wegmans

Beauté promoting Fetzer at a Giant


Beauté conducting a Corona tasting and DC United ticket giveaway at Shoppers Food Warehouse

Beauté conducting a grand wine tasting at a Giant

Beauté promotes Russian Standard Vodka at a Virginia ABC store tasting